The Role of University Partners in the Innovation Adoption Process to Rice Seed Farmers in Aceh Province

Setia Budi, Ahmad Humam Hamid, Fajri Fajri, Agussabti Agussabti


The role of university partners in the innovation adoption process in the implementation of agricultural extension is very necessary to get attention to realize the success of empowering rice seed farmers. The purpose of this research is (1) to know the role of universities in the process of adopting innovation in IPB 3S seedling in Aceh Province, (2) to know the perception of farmers toward the characteristics of the innovation of IPB 3S varieties, and (3) to know the role of universities in the implementation process of extension agriculture to rice seed farmers. This research uses qualitative descriptive approach with data measurement using Likert scale. The results showed that in general the universities play significant role in innovation adoption process to rice seed farmers. The role is arranged by sequence; (1) implementing cultivation skill (2) strengthening farmer institution, (3) liaison with the government (4) guidance of transfer of technology, and (5) liaison with production market. Farmers perception on the characteristics of innovation optimum production technology package (IPB-Prima) IPB 3S (1) has a relative profitability, (2) easy to try, (3) conformity, (4) observable, and (5) innovation subtly level. The role of partners in the implementation of agricultural extension in sequence (1) conformity of extension materials, (2) intensity of extension, (3) appropriateness of extension method and (4) accuracy of media usage. The university should pay attention on the mechanism of facilitating technology transfer with the use of media and appropriate extension methods to rice seed farmers. The university also should build good communication with private organizations to help farmers in terms of seed price certainty produced by rice seed farmers in Aceh Province, Indonesia.


innovation characteristic; partner role; rice seed farmers; Aceh Province; Production technology

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