Biologic Activities of Honeybee Products Obtained From Different Phytogeographical Regions of Turkey

Hamide Doğan, Ethem Akyol, Hasan Akgül, Zeliha Selamoğlu Talas


Honeybee products are rich in phenolic compounds, which effect as natural antioxidants. These compounds may be attached as indicators in studies into the floral and geographical origin of the natural bee products. In this study, we aimed to determine average total antioxidant capacity, average total oxidant capacity and average oxidative stress index of natural bee products obtained from different regions of Turkey. Collected honeybee samples were kept at +4o C until extracted. Natural bee products were extracted with specific methods and antioxidant capacities were defined with in vitro analyses and data were compared. As a result, the highest average total antioxidant capacities were observed in propolis and pollen samples. Total antioxidant capacities of honeybee products collected from various regions demonstrated differences (P<0.05) because of different phytogeographical characteristics of regions of Turkey.


Antioxidant; Oxidant; In vitro analyses; Honey; Propolis; Pollen; Turkey

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