New Discussion Subject of Meat Industry: “Pink Slime”

Cem Okan Özer, Birol Kılıç


Pink slime is a meat source which is obtained by the separation of meat particles on trimmed fats the use of separation techniques. Pink slime is an important source for meat industry to meet the consumer demands about consumption of low-fat and low-cost meat products. Furthermore, processing of low-value trimming products to high-value products provide a tangible advantage for meat industry. The use of ammonia hydroxide in the process of pink slime caused a concern about consumer health. Since meatball and wieners with high level of pink slime are in school daily diet program, this meat source became important debate issue. In USA, use of pink slime up to 15% in ground beef based products is permitted without specify on the label, but is not sold for direct consumption. Production and consumption of pink slime is strictly prohibited in the European Union. There is no legal regulation on this issue in Turkey. In this review, the manufacturing method and historical development, advantages, disadvantages, applications and result of scientific studies about pink slime are presented.


Meat products; Meat source; Pink slime; Health; Diet

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