Isolation and Molecular Identification of Some Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) from Freshwater Sites in Tokat Province of Turkey

Tunay Karan, Ramazan Erenler, Zekeriya Altuner


Collected blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) from freshwater sites throughout Tokat province and its outlying areas were isolated in laboratory environment and their morphological systematics were determined and also their species identifications were studied by molecular methods. Seven different species of blue-green algae collected from seven different sites were isolated by purifying in cultures in laboratory environment. DNA extractions were made from isolated cells and extracted DNAs were amplified by using PCR. Cyanobacteria specific primers were used to amplify 16S rRNA and phycocyanine gene regions using PCR. Phylogenetic identification of species were conducted by evaluation of obtained sequence analysis data by using computer software. According to species identification by sequence analysis, it was seen that molecular data supports morphological systematics.


Algae; 16S rRNA; Cyanobacteria; Molecular identification; Phycocyanine

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