Determination of Polymorphisms in IGF-I and NPY Candidate Genes Associated with Egg Yield in Pure Layers Chicken Lines Reared in the Ankara Poultry Research Institute

Taki Karslı, Murat Soner Balcıoğlu, Eymen Demir, Hüseyin Göktuğ Fidan, Mehmet Aslan, Sedat Aktan, Serdar Kamanlı, Kemal Karabağ, Emine Şahin


Insulin-like factor-I (IGF-I) and neropeptide Y (NPY) are candidate genes related with reproductive traits in chicken. The aim of the present study, were to determine polymorphisms the IGF-I (5' untranslated region) and NPY genes in pure layer lines reared Ankara Poultry Research Institute by using PCR-RFLP method. For this purpose, 621 and 248 bp fragments were amplified for IGF-I and NPY genes, respectively. The PCR products were digested with PstI and DraI restriction enzymes, respectively, to detect of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) on IGF-I and NPY genes. All pure chicken lines were found polymorphic except Black and D-229 lines for the IGF-I gene. While the frequency of A allele ranged from 0.344 (COL) and 0.906 (RIRII) in brown layer pure lines for IGF-I gene, in white layer pure lines were found in the range between 0.781 (Maroon) and 1.000 (D-229, Brown). While all brown pure layer chicken lines were polymorphic for NPY gene in this research, only Maroon line was found monomorphic in white layer chicken lines. The frequency of the T allele for NPY gene ranged between 0.200 (BARI) and 0.985 (COL) in brown layers and between 0.397 (D-229) and 1.000 (Maroon) in white layers. According to applied chi-square test, no deviation from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium was observed in polymorphic populations. As a result, polymorphisms were shown for the first time for IGF-I and NPY genes in pure layer lines reared at the Ankara Poultry Research Institute.


Candidate genes; IGF-I; NPY; PCR-RFLP; Pure chicken lines

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