Control of Greenhouse Environmental Conditions with IOT Based Monitoring and Analysis System

Ali Çaylı, Adil Akyüz, Abdullah Nafi Baytorun, Sedat Boyacı, Sait Üstün, Fatma Begüm Kozak


Wireless sensor networks applications and inter-machine communication (M2M), called the Internet of Things, help decision-makers to control complex systems thanks to the low data-rate and cost-effective data collection and analysis. These technologies offer new possibilities to monitor environmental management and agricultural policies, and to improve agricultural production, especially in low-income rural areas. In this study, IoT is proposed with a low cost, flexible and scalable data collection and analysis system. For this purpose, open source hardware microprocessor cards and sensors are stored in the greenhouse computer database using the IEEE 802.15.4 Zigbee wireless communication protocol. The data can be analyzed by greenhouse computer analysis software, which is developed with the PHP programming language. It is possible to monitor the real time data from the greenhouse computer. Also alert rules definitions can be made and the system was tested in greenhouse conditions. It has been observed that it performs operations steadily such as data transfer, sensor measurements and data processing. The proposed system may be useful for monitoring indoor climate and controlling ventilation, irrigation and heating systems, especially for small enterprises due to the modular structure.


Wireless sensor networks; Internet of things; IOT; Greenhouses; Greenhouse environmental conditions

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