Culture of Desmodesmus communis (E.Hegewald) E.Hegewald and Its Determination of the Biochemical Properties

Rıza Akgül


In this study, culture medium and growth conditions were detected for Desmodesmus communis (E. Hegewald) E. Hegewald (Sphaeropleales) with KF470792 Accession Number that isolated from Thrace inland water (Bahçedere Stream, Tekirdağ, Turkey) and determined by molecular taxonomy techniques. The microalgae was cultured under detected conditions (nutrients, pH, temperature, light density and aeration) and when the culture was reached to stationary phase microalgae biomass was harvested for biochemical analysis. Total protein, total lipid, fatty acid and amino acid compositions, vitamin E amounts and variety were detected. Cell density was 9.76x105 colony/ml; dry biomass was 0.762 g/l; chlorophyll-a was 13.3 mg/l in BG11 culture medium (7.5 pH, 24±2ºC, 500 ml/min. aeration). According to biochemical analysis; total protein amount was 42.59% (dw/w); total lipid amount was 5.23% (dw/w) and vitamin E amount was 3694.24 µg/glipid. The most abundant fatty acid was linolenic acid (35.18%); amino acid was glutamic acid (46.9 mg/g).


Desmodesmus communis; Microalgae; Culture; Nutrient; Protein

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