The Effects of 1-Methylcyclopropane (1-MCP) and MAP treatments on Quality Parameters of “Hicaz’’ Pomegranate Cultivar

Fatih Cem Kuzucu, Mustafa Sakaldaş, Tolga Sarıyer


Pomegranate has been recently considered as a significant fruit for human health and demanded year-long apart from two-month standard harvest period. To extend market supply durations over longer periods, various methods and treatments should be applied to pomegranates to preserve quality parameters throughout different storage durations. The present study was conducted at cold storages of ÇOMÜ Agricultural Faculty to investigate the effects of 1-Methylcyclopropane (1-MCP) and MAP (LDPE, 20 mµ) treatments on quality attributes of ‘Hicaz’ pomegranate cultivar. Experimental materials were treated with two different doses (625 and 1250 ppb) of 1-MCP alone and combined with MAP (625 ppb + MAP and 1250 ppb + MAP) and stored at 3 different storage durations (40, 80 and 120 days). All fruits, including control group, were stored at 6.5-7.5°C temperature and 85-90% relative humidity. At the end of each storage period, fruits were subjected to weight loss (%), Total soluble solids (TSS) content (%), titratable total acidity (TTA) (%g), pH, grain color (a value), decay ratio (%) analyses and assessments were performed for these quality and biochemical characteristics. Both Doses of 1-MCP alone and combined with MAP treatments were found to be more efficient in decelerating the adverse effects on rotting, perishes and other quality parameters, however there were not significant differences between two doses of 1-MCP. Therefore, MAP or 625 ppb 1-MCP treatments alone or combined with MAP treatments can be recommended for better preservation of quality parameter throughout the storage of pomegranates.


Hicaz pomegranate; 1-Methylcyclopropane; MAP; preservation

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