Determination of Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Properties of Milk From Some Dairy Plants in Sivas Province

Mehmet Beykaya, Ayşe Özbey, Zeliha Yıldırım


In this study, physical, chemical and microbiological properties of 50 raw bulk milk samples obtained from 5 different dairy plants in the Sivas were investigated. The pH, acidity, fat, non-fat dry-matter, total dry matter contents and density of raw milk samples were 4.89-6.70, 0.135-0.495%, 1.7-7.6%, 7.33-9.80%, 10.00-16.90%, and 1.0230-1.0312 g/mL, respectively. Fat content of the 26%, specific gravity of 28%, total dry matter of 32%, solids-non-fat of 58%, pH value of 84% of the milk samples were found lower whereas titratable acidity of 60% of the samples were determined higher than the values stated in the Turkish Food Codex and in the Raw Milk Standard. Total coliform bacteria counts of 30%, total aerobic mesophilic bacteria counts of 88%, and somatic cell counts of 40% of the samples were higher than 1100 MPN/mL, 100000 cfu/mL and 500000 cell/mL, respectively. Yeast-mold counts of 72% of the milk samples were found between 104-106 cfu/mL.


Raw milk; Physical and chemical properties; Total bacteria; Coliform; Somatic cell counts

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