Analytical and Mathematical Determination of Shelf-life of Fresh-cut Red Cabbage

Fulya Şimşek, Özlem Kızılırmak Esmer


Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables have longer shelf lives when appropriate packaging materials having proper permeability properties are used. For this reason eight different packaging materials having different permeability properties were used and it was aimed to determine the appropriate packaging material and analytical and mathematical shelf lives of fresh cut red cabbage. Head space analysis, microbiological and sensorial analysis together with pH, weight loss (%) and colour analysis were performed. As a result of the study, it was determined that low density polyethylene (LDPE) film having 20 µm of thickness and 12276 cc/m2-day of oxygen permeability was determined as the most suitable packaging material for packaging of fresh-cut red cabbage. Mathematical microbiological shelf life was determined as 12.33 days and both analytical microbiological and sensorial shelf lives were determined as 12 days. It was shown that Gompertz equation can be used in determination of microbiological shelf life of fresh-cut red cabbage since the analytical and mathematical shelf life results fit to each other. Also, the equation that can be used in calculation of shelf life of fresh-cut red cabbage when packaged with AYPE film having 12276 cc/m2-day oxygen permeability was determined as log(Nt/N0) = 6,83 × exp{-exp{[(0,80*e)(6,83-t)/6,83]+1}}.


Red cabbage; Analytical shelf life; Mathematical shelf life; Passive modified atmosphere packaging; Fresh-cut vegetables

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