A Study on Determination of Strategy for Pulse Industry through SWOT and SOR Analyses in Mersin Province

Osman Uysal


Pulse processing industry almost all located in Mersin province in Turkey. Strategic importance considered both national and international trade in terms of capital, domestic and foreign trade connections, knowledge and experience, pulse processing technology Mersin has an important position in the world. However, decline in pulse crops production in recet years, market fluctuations lead companies to import intensively and competitor countries have become major supplier. In the study, these developments in pulse production and trade in recent years, companies and also researchers opinions take into account to determine companies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for SWOT analysis with the aim of offer sector-oriented strategies. Results of SWOT analysis were analyzed with SOR analysis. It is tried to develop strategies for development of pulse industry.


Mersin Province; Pulse industry; SWOT analysis; SOR analysis

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