Quince Market in the World and Turkey

Bekir Sıtkı Şirikçi, Mevlüt Gül


In this study, the quince market was examined in the world and Turkey. The primary data in the study were obtained by questionnaire method with 28 middleman in different marketing levels in Sakarya, Antalya, Bursa, Bilecik and Denizli where quince production is concentrated. Secondary data were obtained from the FAO and TURKSTAT. The world quince production, which is 324465 tons compared to 1981-1985 which is the beginning of the period, increased by 94.3% to 630325 tons in 2013. Major countries in world quince production are Turkey, China, Uzbekistan, Morocco and Iran. Quince production in Turkey increased by 1.60 times compared to the average of 1981-1985. In this increase in the quince production in Turkey, the increase in the per-tree yield has been considerably effective (an increase of 40%). 5.3% of quince fruit produced in the world is exported. World quince exports amount increased 8.32 times and the value increased 38.42 times. The highest share in quince export values is in the Netherlands (33.6%). The Netherlands is followed by Turkey, Austria and Iran respectively. The share of Turkey in the world export value is 31.1%. Russia ranks first in the world quince import with 23.3% share. Austria and Germany are followed by Russia.9.4% of the quince production in Turkey is exported. The major quince producers are Sakarya, Bursa, Antalya, Bilecik and Denizli. The 15 of the interviewed intermediaries, reported that the most important problem that there is no quince at the desired time, quantity, quality and price (54).


Quince; Production; Foreign trade; Turkey; World

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