Effects of Harvest Times on the Fatty Acids Composition of Rose Hip (Rosa sp.) Seeds

Mehmet Güneş, Ümit Dölek, Mahfuz Elmastaş, Fatma Karagöz


This study was conducted to determine the change of fatty acids ratios of some rose hip species seeds in different harvest times. Seeds of five genotypes belonging to rose hip species (Rosa sp.) were used in the study. The fruits of species were harvested in six different ripening times and analyzed. Total oil analysis was performed for the fifth harvest only, which was determined as the optimal harvest time. As a result; total oil ratio of rose hip seeds varied as 5.22 and 6.62 g/100g respectively for accessions of Rosa dumalis (MR-12 and MR-15), 6.37 g/100g for R. canina (MR-26), 5.00 g/100g for R. dumalis ssp. boissieri (MR-46) and 5.29 g/100g for R. villosa (MR-84). Eleven fatty acids were determined in rose hip seeds. Among these fatty acids linoleic, oleic, linolenic, palmitic and stearic acids respectively had high ratio. Saturated fatty acids ratio (SFAs) was the highest in R. canina (MR-26) and the lowest in R. dumalis (MR-12); monounsaturated fatty acids ratio (MUFAs) was the highest in R. dumalis (MR-12) and the lowest in R. dumalis ssp. boissieri (MR-46); polyunsaturated fatty acids ratio (PUFAs) was the highest in R. dumalis ssp. boissieri (MR-46) and the lowest in R. dumalis (MR-12). Mono and polyunsaturated fatty acid contents obtained in this study was high; the change of fatty acid profile in the studied species in relation to harvest time was significant for some species and insignificant for others. A conclusion was reached that it is important to pay attention to qualitative and quantitative properties of seeds when conducting studies about rose hip improvement.


Oil; saturated; unsaturated; fatty acid; oleic; linoleic; linolenic; MUFA; PUFA

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